SCCI President's Visit

We are very pleased that Mr. Khawaja Masud Akhtar President of SCCI visits CNC Training Institute and encourage our efforts for educating Industry...

Life at CTI

CNC TRAINING INSTITUTE started a new ERA of education in the history of Sialkot, where students and professionals sit togather for betterment ...

Seminar at PSTC Lahore

What a lovely experience of conducting the seminar on CAM at PSTC. The Students and management was really cooperative and there ...





Message from Directors

CTI (CNC Training Institute) is for anyone who consider himself as keen learner and opportunist. It is for kids, high schools, college students or recent graduates who want to get into the field of manufacturing or want to make their dream design come true.

We know people want to be creative but they don’t always have the right project ideas, right tools or even that knowledge to build everything altogether. They love to learn and understand technology and choose a variety of courses available in market but one of the problem we think with these courses is that, there is nothing really like a guided path to learn with.

We are trying to bring 21st century skills to the people in one package. Our first course is a package of “SOLIDWORKS & MASTERCAM” it got 2.5 months completion time, which includes basic of design to most advance machining.



Irtaza Hayat - I had a great time during learning this course.

Asad Ejaz - The only institute that leads students to excel their knowledge in Designing and machining.