solidworksSOLIDWORKS is not just a CAD software, it’s a SOLID platform where you can turn your imaginations to a real product. This is not easy to explain what we can achieve with this tool but this tool have endless possibilities to do things in a professional way.

Part Modeling:

SOLIDWORKS part modelling feature have an interactive design, heads up user interface and is easy to use. Simply sketch your design and use the full power of dimensions and relation tools. To make your 2D sketch to a real solid is as easy as push pull. Heads up user interface allows you to focus on the design by simply using the standards based materials, holes and threads.

2D Drawings:

Once you done with your 3D model you are ready to make manufacturing drawings. 2D drawing module is intelligent enough to automatically generate views and dimension it, accordingly to the drawing standards while keeping. No more chances for the drawing errors. Just drop you model to the 2D drawing module and it will take seconds to finish it. Standard tolerances, section views and all other important drafting details are on simple click. Stay focused with your design.


Assembly is the most interesting and one of the strongest feature of SOLIDWORKS. In this module you can easily design and validate your mechanism. Simply snap the parts together. Standard content helps you finish your design fast. Check your assembly for the collusion and interference with a single click. Improve the functionality of the whole mechanism by using part editing feature within the assembly module, all the changes will update up to your 2D drawing.


But will the design meet your needs? Let’s simulate our design. Simply add forces and all other real world contacts to the design and get the performance in seconds, automatically apply forces to check the strength moreover validate the design, know it will perform.

2D Assembly Drawing:

Yes 2D assembly drawing. SOLIDWORKS also have an interesting feature of 2D assemble drawing so you can get bill of materials (BOM), necessary assembly views and a lot more and add balloons. All you need is to drag and drop the assembly. All these feature reduce your working time and remove the errors of the system.

Photoview 360:

Do you wants to see how your product will looks like? We have Photoview 360 for you. It’s really easy and fast to create stunning images and videos. Get the right look with simple camera placement. Share these with your business partners, investors, clients and marketing people and win the business.